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   La Voz de Brazoria County was the idea of Molly Santos, a school teacher who lived in Angleton, Texas in 1990. Without a computer or the technical skills to put a newspaper together, she and along with family members and friends finally figured out how to get a newspaper ready for the printer. The first issue of La Voz de Brazoria County appeared in June of 1990. There was no color except for the black ink. And the first print run was 5,000 copies.  The paper appeared monthly for the next four years until Molly and her daughter, Dolores relocated to Uvalde, Texas. 
    While living in Uvalde, Molly, Dolores and a son, Alfredo, decided to start another La Voz newspaper and in October of 1994, La Voz de Uvalde County made its debut. Everyone worked on this paper in the evening since they all had full time jobs during the day. La Voz de Uvalde County was sold in 2002 to Mr. Juan Sanchez, who worked for the paper as an Associate Editor.      
   Dolores had since gotten married and moved back to Angleton. Molly relocated back to Angleton in 2003 to "retire." And Alfredo moved to Austin to attend graduate school at The University of Texas. In 2005, Dolores and Molly decided to fire back up La Voz de Brazoria County and in April of 2005, La Voz de Brazoria County appeared once again.  
La Voz de Brazoria County

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